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We want the houses to be inspired by the modern and minimalist style of our house, which is why we have presented our plans and visuals to you (The plans and visuals of our house will be free for you).

If you want to create your own house, it is quite possible, in this case we will put you in touch with our team of architects and designers who will make your dreams come true.

Our network on site and in Europe facilitates the procedures related to the acquisition of land and also the design of the villa of your dreams. For the personalized realization of your housing plans, it will be necessary to count 15 USD per habitable square meter.

For example in version 2, if you want to build your own villa of 150 m2 living space.

It will therefore be necessary to provide:

  • For all plans $2,250 USD (150m2 x 15 USD)

  • For a plot of 1,000 m2 around 45,000 USD (1000 m2 x 45 USD)

  • For 500 m2 (6,000m2/12 owners) around 22,500 USD (500 m2 x 45 USD)

  • For the construction of your villa 232,500 USD (150 m2 x 1550 USD)

  • Lawyer fees and title deed approx. 10,000 USD (3% of the total price)​

Total: 312,250 USD This for a villa of 150 m2 living space with swimming pool with 1,000 m2 of private land and access to 6,000 m2 of land in common.

The payment schedule for the land is:

1. $10,000 USD down to reserve a lot

2. The rest of the lot total is due in 30 days

Once the land has been paid in full, we immediately launch the transfer of ownership and we launch the building permit for the villa of your dreams as soon as possible.

Payment schedule for the villa is:

  • 40% of villa cost to begin rough construction

  • 50% of villa cost to begin finishing construction

  • 10% of villa costs upon completion of the villa

Our banking partners can offer you a loan on 50% of your project, your equity contribution must therefore be 50% as well.

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